Monday, December 30, 2019

The Generation Of Technology By Jae Imani - 949 Words

Born in the generation of technology, Jae Imani is a twenty-one year old woman mixed with Spanish and black. Being the second generation born in American, Jae identifies with her Caribbean roots of Spanish and West Indian. Her mother’s family is from Barbados and her father’s family is from Panama. Jae values both the Bajan and Panamanian cultural equally. Growing up, Jae’s family socioeconomic status was the middle class. Jae’s parents worked hard to support her and her little brother. She was raised Christian, but currently does not practice any religious beliefs. However, Jae believes in God, blessings and prayers. Also, Jae is asthmatic which stopped her from dancing or doing any intense cardio. Although asthmatic, Jae does not consider asthma as a disability. Identity Development Jae identifies as a lesbian woman. Initially during her coming out process, Jae felt excited. â€Å"At the age of fourteen, I first told my aunt that I was dating a girl. My aunt approved of my choices and did not judge me. My aunt loved me unconditionally, which made it easier to come out to her.† In Jae’s opinion, the acceptance she found in her aunt will not be the same acceptance from her parents. â€Å"Before, my father thought I was dating a girl when I really was not. He physically and verbally abused me. My mother failed to stop him.† As a result, Jae kept her sexuality a secret from her parents for six years. Finally at the age of twenty, Jae told her parents that she was gay. She was

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